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4 min readJun 23, 2021


Hello ARTDECO Community,

After over a month of Intense Building from the development team, we are proud to announce that our NFT Dapp & Marketplace Beta Version is live on the Kovan Testnet.

You must be wondering why we used Kovan Testnet instead of BSC Testnet right? the reason is because BSC testnet does not provide support for subgraph (read more about that here).

What does this mean?

It means that you can now test and try out our Platform (Note That This Is The Beta Version, So There Might Be Bugs & Errors).

How Do You Try Out Our Platform?

First & Foremost, You need Metamask, you can skip this part If you already it installed, if not, click here to install metamask. (Detailed Guide)

Click on the Ethereum mainnet and switch to Kovan Testnet like on the image below.

Then You Can Now Proceed To Our Platform, You can Launch Our Dapp by clicking here, Then Sign in your metamask wallet and you will be taken to the page below.

You can be able to check out your profile, fill in your profile details like in the images below.

ARTDECO NFT Platform will be a decentralized Dapp and to Mint, you can navigate to

Next, you will need some test tokens.

Method 1: To receive test coins through, which is only suitable for users with Github accounts.

Click on the link above and log in with your Github account, or you can create one here.

After logging in, paste and enter your Metamask account address.

Then click the “Send me KETH” button, and then check your Metamask account. If it is normal, you will receive test tokens.

Method 2: To receive test coins through the above URL to enter the website, and click “SIGN IN TO START TALKING” at the bottom to log in.

There are three ways to log in: gitlab, github, and twitter. You can choose to log in with your existing account.

After logging in, paste and enter your Metamask account address in the dialog next to your avatar at the bottom.

Then you need to send your address to the chat box, wait for a while, in the chat box you will receive @your transfer information. Check the Metamask account, if normal, the ETH has also arrived.

Once You Have gotten the test tokens, you can now proceed to minting your first NFT on our testnet.

The process is simple

1: Choose File

2: Type In Your NFT Name

3: Enter A Brief Description About Your NFT.

4: Set Your price.

5: Mint.

Cheers, you have successfully minted your first NFT!

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