Be On Alert Against Scammers

🔴 We need to make a crucial alert to reduce the risk of scams when interacting with our platform.

Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated ways to confuse and deceive participants in token sales and crypto projects.

To help the community, we are creating this post with instructions on how best to avoid scams.

Types of scam attacks:

  • Fake information on social networks
  • Fake tokens with similar names
  • Tokens launched before the official date
  • False reports to create confusion — FUD

Fake information on social networks:

Always make sure that you are interacting with our official channels:







Many scammers will create fake accounts and pretend to be admins in order to try and scam you. Admins will not contact ANYONE in direct messages.

$ARTDECO Token Contract

The token contract is the only proof of identity that allows you to be sure that you are interacting with the genuine token.

ARTDECO Token Contract: 0x6515A41578BB7Ad5486b96384E4148E7844F3D70

Scammers can even replicate the token contract with the first and last identical digits. Therefore, just checking the start and end is not enough to guarantee the authenticity of the token.

You need to ensure that all digits are identical to the original token contract and that you have accessed it through an official source for your protection.

Our official token contract is clearly visible on our website and our social media.

Ignore FUD

Scammers, network instability (fees) and occasional problems do not matter for projects like ours with a long-term view.

The team will not sell tokens. Team tokens will be locked via smart contracts.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to foresee all possible scams, so we must all be on the lookout for new variations on these scams.


✅ Check all digits of the contract address;
✅ Use only information shared by the official website and networks;
✅ Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t FOMO;
✅ Our team will not contact you directly. If that happens, it’s a scam;
✅ Don’t just rely on the name of the token. Check the contract thoroughly;
✅ Make sure you are in the official project group;
✅ Any strange movements report us immediately so that we can take appropriate action and share with the community.

This alert is part of our sense of responsibility and cooperation with our community.

By following these measures, you guarantee the security of your entry as an early adopter in the project.

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