Introducing ARTDECO Bounty Program + Incentivized Testnet For Creators! (Over $2500 & 3,000,000 Tokens Up For Grabs)

Hello Artdeco Community 😀, Welcome to the first ever bounty program.

We are very proud of the fact that we have made so much progress just over one month after our initial project launch. Being one of the very first few projects building their NFT Platform on Binance Smart Chain (Read why we chose Binance Smart Chain) We are proud to be on the fore-front of Bridging The Gap between blockchain technology and ART hereby Making it easier for Creators to utilize the new buzzing technological trend.

It’s worthy to note that we have been featured across many publications like Yahoo Finance, Coinspeaker, Thrive Global and Lots More.

We were also listed as one of the buzzing NFT projects on the Binance Smart Chain.

With all that said, let’s get back to why you’re here!

There’s a total of $2500 in BUSD & 3,000,000 $ARTDECO Tokens up for grabs in this bounty and there’s numerous ways to earn them.

Testing, tweeting, completing tasks, telegramming… they’re all connected in some way!

If you are a digital creator or a community member who would love to test out our NFT Dapp for bugs ahead of our future mainnet launch, you can apply here to become an Alpha Tester and you can earn some $ARTDECO tokens in the process😉 .

We are excited as you are to see how our early beta version of our product holds up to your “testing” and what problems may arise. Remember, this is a testnet, so there WILL be problems.

Finding out about them before our mainnet launch is the key here. Thanks for participating and happy hunting!

Regardless, we’re glad you’re here.

Below are the details, terms, rules, and basically all the ways you can earn $ARTDECO during our bounty Program.


Participation and Reward for ARTDECO Bounty

Duration: 7th June. 2021–7th July. 2021

Rewards: $2500 BUSD & 3,000,000 $ARTDECO Tokens

To Be Eligible, Users will have to Be Following Us Across Our Social media Channels





We have Two Categories.

1. Leaderboard

2. Weekly Winners

For the leaderboard, users have to complete tasks to earn points under the following categories:

The Leaderboard is subdivided into

1: Technical Testnet Campaign

a:Platform Explorer

b:Bug Bounty Hunter

2. Media Bounty Campaign

For the Technical testnet campaign, users can try out our testnet to have look and feel of our main net when it launches and also earn money in the process

We will be using the Kovan test net for this purpose as the BSC Testnet does not provide subgraph.

Participants Will have to Connect their Metamask Wallet using the Kovan test network, get some test tokens and mint their Test Nfts on the Platform to earn points.

1A: Platform Explorer Details

: Connect Wallet, Create Account — 10–50 points (Create an account and fill your details on your profile on the testnet and submit screenshots of your completed task)

: Complete Profile — 10–50 points (Complete your Profile with the necessary details and submit screenshots of your completed task)

B: Bug Bounty Hunter (find bugs)

Find and report a bugs to get points

  • Minor (No so technical serious bug, typos) — 10–50 points
  • Serious technical bugs (can cause little damage or fraud) — 50–100 points
  • Very serious (serious logical, big damage) — 100–500 points

To participate in the Platform Explorer and Bug Bounty Hunter campaigns, submit your works here: (Google Form)

2. Media Bounty Campaign

A: Telegram Campaign


i. Promote us in Group Channel (this is for people who own groups with minimum 1000 Members) ( 50 points )

2. Create and post ARTDECO Stickers/Memes ( 50 points )


1. Join official community group at:

2. Invite your friends to join the channel

3. Extra tokens are awarded for activity on telegram

4. Telegram account must be real (bots will be disqualified)

5. NO spamming, advertising, trolling or abuse will be tolerated. If you do not obey these rules you will be removed, banned and reported.

6. ARTDECO reserves the right to change these terms or apply new ones.

7. Users NOT complying with the terms will be disqualified.

B: Twitter Campaign

The rewards will be given on a weekly basis.


1. Have more than 20–100 followers: 10–20 points/week

1. Have more than 200 followers: 20–40 points/week

2. Have more than 501 followers: 40–50 points/week

3. Have more than 1001 followers: 50–100 points/week

4. Have more than 2001 followers: 100–150 points/week

5. Have more than 5,001 followers: 100–200 points/week


1: Twitter account must have over 20 Followers

2. Must follow, like and retweet our page content at: Use hashtag below each post : #Artdeco #nft #binancenft etc

3: At least 5 tweets/retweets per week

C: Youtube Video Campaign

These rewards will be given per video content created


1. Normal quality: 20 points

2. Medium quality: 25–50 points

3. High quality: 50–100 points

4. TOP quality: 100–200 points


1. Describe ARTDECO and its features

2. Upload them on YouTube or Vimeo

3. Must have at least 100 subscribers (Higher Number Of Subscribers, Higher Points)

4. Duration should not be less than 2 minutes of actual content

5. points will be allotted on the basis of the quality and audience of the video. The amount of points assigned is non negotiable.

6. Plagiarism or use of another’s material will be considered as an invalid submission.

7. Videos that do not have a human voice-over will only receive half the bounty listed.

8. In the description of the video, there must be at least one link to the website, twitter, telegram and/or whitepaper.

D: Media/Blog Articles Campaign

These rewards will be given per blog content created


Good Quality: 30 Points

Better Quality: 100 Points

Best Quality: 300 Points

Rules of Media/Blog Articles:

*Website Must Be In Indexed On Google & Have An Alexa rank of Not More than 500,000

*Content Must be original

*Article/blog will be about ARTDECO and should be Blockchain/DeFi related With the following keywords (ARTDECO, NFT, Digital Creators)

*The platform through which you publish must be relevant and there must be an audience

*Article/blog must be at least 400 words

*Content can be in either English, Chinese, Korean or Russian

*Must include ARTDECO Website, Telegram and Twitter links in content

To participate in the Media Campaign submit your works here: (Google Form)

Weekly Winners

- Posts with ARTDECO Hashtags with highest retweets

- One person from the community picked at random for promoting ARTDECO

Note** Users participating have to fill the Google forms to tell us what tasks they have completed.

Prize scale on Leaderboard

1st: $800 + 500,000 $ARTDECO tokens

2nd: $500 + 300,000 $ARTDECO tokens

3rd: $300 + 200,000 $ARTDECO tokens

4th — 10th: $100 + 100,000 $ARTDECO tokens

11th — 20th: 50,000 $ARTDECO tokens

Weekly Winners: 200,000 $ARTDECO tokens

The Leaderboard will be updated daily, and winners will be announced at the end of the Test Duration.

Join In The Bounty Program Here

Check The Leaderboard Spreadsheet Here>>

What is Art Deco?

ARTDECO is a community driven NFT & DeFi platform that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain. Essentially, ARTDECO is on a mission to create a marketplace for artists to mint and sell Non fungible tokens (NFTs) and also a social media platform for NFT Creators where you can connect with fellow art lovers from all over the world on the online marketplace built on blockchain technology.

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#NFT Minting Platform and Marketplace For Creators Built On Binance Smart Chain