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Art Deco
4 min readMay 22, 2021


ARTDECO is on a mission to create a truly decentralized yet robust NFT Platform where digital creators can turn their Photos, Ideas, Music & Paintings into Non Fungible Tokens.

We started the ARTDECO NFT project to reward creators and our platform users and as such, our first goal will be to structure the token economics of the platform to incentivize new creators of digital art and collectibles to create NFTs and sell them on Our NFT Marketplace post-launch.

All of these goods can launched as tokens that can be redeemed as physical objects. By dropping it as a token, we enable goods to:

1: Have a dynamic price on the Blockchain

2: Traded In Fractions and can also be owned fractionally

3: Launched Even before actual good exists

With the launch of ARTDECO NFT platform, we will usher in a new paradigm of creation and exchange, enabling creators to:

1: Earn all of the value they’ve created by selling their goods as NFTs at a dynamic price.

2: Call on their huge following (those with a substantial amount of followers) to participate and buy into the ideas and the products hey love early in the process of creation.

3: Still Earn as their works are being resold in the secondary markets as they are still part of the game, people love them and patronize them but creators often try to shut them down because they are not making any gains from the resell. ARTDECO will enable both worlds as creators and traders get to play the ownership and trading game, and creators not only get their fair share, they get to play along with their community as they earn as their Items are being resold.

4: Giving the power back to the creators and the community as dropping an item via a token means that creators will be able to eventually enable community ownership, funding and participation in their brands.

Quick note: ARTDECO is both the platform name and also the token symbol.

Check out our Proposed Demo of our ARTDECO NFT Platform

ARTDECO Tokenomics

The ARTDECO token will be used across our ecosystem to facilitate our platform and boost engagement by creators and buyers & sellers. The current token economy is shared below.

Token Economics:

Token Name: ARTDECO


Maximum Total Supply: 5,000,000,000

Circulating Supply: ~ 23%

Unlocked Team Wallets: 349,376,175–6.98%

Locked Tokens

Team Tokens: 350,000,000–7% (Locked For A Year)

Marketing Tokens: 1,092,500,000–23% (Locked For Two years)

ARTDECO Vault: 2,000,000,000–40% (Locked For maximum of 2 years)

Burnt: 26,161,932 ~ 0.5%

The $ARTDECO token metrics are structured to capture network participants who share our vision for the long term success of the project.

However to ensure transparency we will be vesting/locking our team tokens and reward/liquidity mining tokens.

This lockup is especially important to increase trust for our early investors and Community.

Buyers and users of the platform should be able to accumulate and hold ARTDECO without worrying that team members will sell large amounts of tokens all at once. As such, we propose a slow-release vesting schedule whereby the majority of the token supply is locked early on, then tokens are released on a daily or weekly basis.

UPDATE — The max supply of ARTDECO tokens will be 5 billion which will be burned systematically till we have burnt 50% Of The Total Supply.

Purpose of the ARTDECO token

$ARTDECO will be used for the following:

  1. Transact on Our NFT Platform.
  2. Maintaining Governance: decisions to integrate new protocols, edit pool parameters, edit risk parameters, etc
  3. Farmed through our Staking Platform.
  4. Payment For Profile Verification: Since Our Platform is decentralized, a malicious user can create a replica on an original. How do we mitigate that? we added a manual verification in which we do our due diligence on the User before applying the blue tick.
  5. Stake ARTDECO to rank higher on our Smart, AI Sorting Engine
  6. Buy Advertisement Slots On Our NFT Platform

Deflationary Burn Function 🔥

ARTDECO will burn 50% of the Ecosystem Tokens and Mining Rewards over the next 1 year. Our burn function will be similar to the BNB Burn mechanism which takes into account multiple factors including:

  • Token Budget not used
  • Transaction Fees
  • Network growth in TVL and users
  • The stability and health of the protocol

The goal of the burn is deflationary, creating price stability and encouraging user network growth in the form of governance token holders.

Further information about the proposed burn structure will be provided in subsequent blog posts as well as community voting.

API and DaaS Token Function 👨‍🔬

As are moving towards the path of network aggregation of all BSC NFT listings we plan to allow additional platforms to pull from our listings using an open API. This is similar to how Rarible and other platforms pull directly from data on OpenSea.

This will allow NFT creators to access creator liquidity preference as well as open up the ability to swap various assets using NFTs. ARTDECO will require data partners to stake ARTDECO in order to pull from our APIs.

Required token lockup will scale with data usage. More information on this to follow in v2.

Conclusion 🎨

We are embarking on the The ARTDECO project with 3 functions in mind— incentivize creators, maintain governance and fee discounts.

ARTDECO is a cryptocurrency experiment project and should not be seen as an investment.

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Art Deco

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